A lot of people have asked me why I’ve recently switched from Sony to Fuji and the reasons are multiple so I’m going to write a short blog post to let you know why I did that (and just cause you’ve asked no, nobody has paid me, I just wish Fuji had :-)).


I may be a bit paranoid but having 2 sd cards on my camera to backup the pictures I’ve been taking makes me less nervous… i don’t know about you :).

Size and weight

The reason why I switched from Nikon to Sony at the beginning was because I wasn’t bringing my DSLR with me every time. Photography for me was kind of dead so when I found out that mirrorless cameras were out I bought a Sony A7. That camera gave me a new motivation to start shooting again and since then I’ve taken thousands of pictures with it. As the Sony system keep growing unfortunately their lenses keep getting bigger, heavier and more expensive. I know they are still pretty light in comparison with other full frame systems but it was too much for me. So after a few hikes I did in Norway I decided that my setup was too heavy and I had to choose something different. I went to a local shop here in Dublin to buy a Fuji x70 just to try it out. I was so impressed by the handling and the image quality of this tiny camera that in a few weeks I went to buy a Fuji Xpro 2 and a few lenses.

Build quality and handling

I’ve always been pretty disappointed with the build quality of the Sony A7. The camera had a problem with the sensor and sometimes I’ve noticed some strange glares in my pictures. The lenses were losing color and they were very easy to scratch. After a few weeks it seems they were overused and old. The build quality of the Xpro 2, instead, is very good. The camera feels solid, it is weather sealed and the lenses are very solid too. Everything feels premium and very durable. Also the handling of the Fuji is amazing. I love to shoot with this camera and it feels very good in my hands. Aperture, shutter speed and ISO are very easy to change and everything is just a click away.

Image quality

I know the Sony A7 has a bigger sensor but the pictures from the new Fuji Xpro 2 sensor are amazing. Because of the lack of AA filter and the quality of the lenses the pictures are sharper. Maybe the dynamic range was better on the Sony but I don’t really like to push my editing too much and to give my pictures an HDR look. Also the colors are better on the Fuji. I prefer the warmer look that the pictures have, the Sony look instead was always a bit too cold. I shoot RAW but I feel I really have to change less to the pictures I take with the Fuji.


I can’t understand why I’ve to spend 3.2K euro for a Sony a7 with a 35mm f1.4 lens when I can have an Xpro 2 with a fantastic 23mm f1.4 and save money to buy a new lens or to travel somewhere nice :-). What about the size and the weight then? The Fuji 23mm f1.4 is half the size and weight of the Sony 35 f1.4 and I don’t think anybody will notice any difference in pictures taken with these two lenses.


My Sony A7 was a great camera but the Xpro 2 suits me better. Pictures are sharper, colors are nicer, it is smaller and lighter and I love its look and feeling. I think if you like your camera you will bring it with you more often and this always let you shoot better pictures. Choose the camera you like and don’t mind about brands or what other people say. If you like it you’ll use it more and it will improve your photography. And if you like Sony or Canon or Nikon or whatever other camera better we can still be friend, I don’t care about brands :-).