Today I want to talk about an application that has changed my life: how many times you have to copy and paste more than one part of a text and you have to go back and forth to do it? How many times a day you need to paste a code, an address, a password, a text and you have to go find it somewhere in your pc? All of this has to stop now! People Clipmenu is here!

Clipmenu is a free clipboard manager for OS X. With Clipmenu you can access to all the data (yes also images and more, not just text) you’ve recently copied in your clipboard! Not just that: you can also organize all your favourite snippets in folders. For example you can save your address and put it in a folder. Don’t you remember your bank account? Not a problem, save it in a folder and access it pressing ⇧+⌘+v. What’s my user id? No problem, Clipmenu can save it for me!

How awesome is this? If you want to give it a try just follow this link. Clipmenu is a free clipboard manager application so you can just install it and try it by yourself! If you are grateful because I let you discover this amazing app let me know in the comments below :-)!

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