If you use Gmail to check your email and you have a Mac you’ll find this post very useful!

I was looking for an app to install on my MacBook to check Gmail automatically. Something to be kept in the dock that I could open quickly but I couldn’t find anything in the App Store or online.

Sure you can use Chrome and desktop notifications but I was looking for something always able to remind me how many emails I need to read. Chrome just shows you the number of unread emails in the browser tab but what if you’re using another application? And what if you don’t use Chrome?

So, stumbling around, I’ve found a great application called Fluid. Fluid allows you to create regular Mac applications from websites. You can create a new app, set the url (http://gmail.com in this case), choose an icon and keep your app in the dock. Exactly what I was looking for.

Not just that: you can use Fluid for anything you want! What about Facebook and Twitter? Same process! Pretty neat uh?

You can have more information and download Fluid from the official website.