Are you looking to hire an Android developer?

I can create Android native applications or hybrid applications based on Angularjs or Javascript.

These two different approaches have both advantages and disadvantages: a native app will be more performant but not ready to be ported on different operating systems; a Javascript based app will be, in some cases, less performant but ready to run on different OS in a few steps. The Facebook app, for instance, is based on Javascript.

So if you’re planning to create an app for Ios, Android and Windows Phone or others platforms, the best solution could be to create it with Javascript and use PhoneGap or Ionic to distribute it. Otherwise if your target is just Android users, a native app is the way to go.

I can also only create your app’s layout if you already have a programmer than can develop it.

If you need a freelance Android programmer or a layout for your app, feel free to contact me and let me know what your needs are.

I’m based in Dublin, Ireland, but I’ve been working with customers from all over the world using tools like Skype, Email or chat to stay in touch with them.