As you know if you follow me (really? you don’t?) I’ve been working on a street photography project I called Faceless. With Faceless I’m trying to create fine art photography from everyday life moments. It is a project I’ve been working on since 2013 and it is now an online gallery that you can visit clicking here.

It’s not just a gallery though. If you like to enjoy a photobook on your sofa you can also, from now on, buy my book and see all the pictures I took in the last two years just browsing it page by page.

The book was self-published on Blurb and it is made off 80 pages printed on premium paper, lustre finish, black. I’ve chosen an hardcover, imagewrap to make it last longer. It also feels more “premium” this way. It’s also big enough to help you to enjoy the pictures: the format is a landscape 10×8 inches (25×20 cm).

So if you like this project and want to support me you can buy the book or check out the preview directly on Blurb Posted in Photography