Gmail, Facebook and Twitter app notifier on Mac

If you use Gmail to check your email and you have a Mac you’ll find this post very useful!

I was looking for an app to install on my MacBook to check Gmail automatically. Something to be kept in the dock that I could open quickly but I couldn’t find anything in the App Store or online.

Sure you can use Chrome and desktop notifications but I was looking for something always able to remind me how many emails I need to read. Chrome just shows you the number of unread emails in the browser tab but what if you’re using another application? And what if you don’t use Chrome?

So, stumbling around, I’ve found a great application called Fluid. Fluid allows you to create regular Mac applications from websites. You can create a new app, set the url ( in this case), choose an icon and keep your app in the dock. Exactly what I was looking for.

Not just that: you can use Fluid for anything you want! What about Facebook and Twitter? Same process! Pretty neat uh?

You can have more information and download Fluid from the official website.

Applecare support: does Apple really care?

So I’ve bought a Macbook pro 13” in September 2015. Since then I’ve been having issues with the internal keyboard and the trackpad which don’t work randomly. I’ve tried everything: SMC reset, PRAM reset, os reinstallation with no luck.

Now you’re thinking that the machine is under warranty. Yes it is and this is what happened: I went to a Genius Bar in Rome and they told me that must be an hardware issue and I had to leave the laptop there for a repair. Unfortunately I needed the laptop and they don’t provide a temporary replacement so I decided to pass and try to call Apple.

MacBook Colors

Then I called the Apple support and they told me to bring the laptop to a store here in Dublin to have it fixed. Again they don’t provide a temporary replacement so I had to buy a Mac Mini (which I’ve sent back later) to be allowed to work and I brought the macbook to the shop. After a few days I’ve got a call from one of their technicians: he told me he could not replicate the error so there was nothing to fix. My only option was to go there and bring the Macbook home…

After a few weeks I was able to check the log while the internal keyboard wasn’t working. In the log there were plenty of errors like these:

10/01/2016 11:09:19.000 kernel[0]: Error: AppleHSSPIController::doSPITransfer NAK received from device

10/01/2016 11:09:19.000 kernel[0]: Error: AppleHSSPIController::doSPITransfer CRC from device was invalid: computed 0x0000, received 0x0000

and then finally:

10/01/2016 11:09:22.000 kernel[0]: Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad::start Start Succeeded

I’ve also opened a thread on the Apple forum but nobody replied.

There must be something wrong with the controller I guess anyway I’m not sure now how the Apple support could help me. I’ve bought a very expensive machine to be sure to have a stable laptop and a good customer support but what I’ve now? I’m stuck with a defective machine that is useless if the keyboard doesn’t work.

What are my options at this point? I could buy another Macbook and try to check for a repair centre again hoping that they will be able to replicate the error and fix the laptop. Is this the support I get? Do I have to spend more money to have a laptop fixed?

The sad thing is that there are a lot of people with the same problem!

Have you ever had a similar experience? Do you think that the Apple customer support is the best on the planet? I honestly don’t.

The best free clipboard manager for Mac

Today I want to talk about an application that has changed my life: how many times you have to copy and paste more than one part of a text and you have to go back and forth to do it? How many times a day you need to paste a code, an address, a password, a text and you have to go find it somewhere in your pc? All of this has to stop now! People Clipmenu is here!

Clipmenu is a free clipboard manager for OS X. With Clipmenu you can access to all the data (yes also images and more, not just text) you’ve recently copied in your clipboard! Not just that: you can also organize all your favourite snippets in folders. For example you can save your address and put it in a folder. Don’t you remember your bank account? Not a problem, save it in a folder and access it pressing ⇧+⌘+v. What’s my user id? No problem, Clipmenu can save it for me!

How awesome is this? If you want to give it a try just follow this link. Clipmenu is a free clipboard manager application so you can just install it and try it by yourself! If you are grateful because I let you discover this amazing app let me know in the comments below :-)!